American Logistics offers hiring opportunities all around the country, from our corporate office in St. George, Utah to our east coast operations center in Raleigh, North Carolina. The roles and responsibilities within our various teams are well suited for a wide range of backgrounds and experience, including product development, sales, marketing, field operations, and customer service.

At American Logistics, we have a set of behaviors and beliefs that we value as a company, and we want every employee to live true to them. Every one of our customer service agents strive to make each call a good experience and each member’s life a bit easier

Christine Seaton

Director, Dispatch Operations, American Logistics

American Logistics Brand Values

The American Logistics core values reflect our team’s commitment to honesty, innovation, and dedication. Ideal job candidates exemplify these qualities throughout their personal and professional lives:

Be Genuine

Strive to say and do the right thing. Stay humble, be forthright and honest in your interactions.

Put People First 

Care for individuals more than processes or profit. Create solutions and provide experiences that improve lives.

Foster Transparency

We build our brand on trust. Acknowledge successes and accept responsibility for shortcomings and work towards solutions.

Stay Relevant

Learn, progress and innovate. Continue to forge thought leadership through a changing landscape.

Maintain Tenacity

Be diligent and determined. Relentless dedication to performance, execution and accountability.


Leverage partnership. When people of goodwill labor cooperatively in a honest and dedicated way, there is no end to what can be accomplished.